April and May (!!!!)

Sooooo I got a little busy and didn't manage to get our April and May wrap-up done.  Actually, I had April's almost done, and then something happened and I lost the post.  Then I stomped off and refused to work on it again.  ;)

We had a couple of months of reasonably dreary weather, but we tried to make the best of it.  Maple syrup season was short-lived all over our part of the province.  On the occasional nice day, we skipped over the snow and played in the sun.  Easter came and went, my girl got a fat lip from dental work, and we began our river visits for this spring/summer.  We gathered huge bunches of mayflowers and went boating on the floodwaters.  We went lake fishing, beachcombing, and hand-caught gaspereau.  We picked and sold fiddleheads and spent an evening at Ganong Nature Park.

Now it is June and we are in our happy place - school is out, summer is here, nights are long, and there is nothing that smells like a June evening in the country.  Hopefully I'll be a little more prompt on our June update - but first, vacation!