March Wrap-Up


We started the month by celebrating the birthday of our dear R, who turned the big FIVE.  It was a blast but also very bittersweet to think of my baby as a great big 5-year-old.  We did some portraits and had so much fun celebrating our little forest fairy.  We have eight family birthdays in March, so we had a lot of cake, laughter, candle-blowing, and visits.

March Break saw us heading to a museum with the kids, and ended with us getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in the snow (thankfully, my husband is skilled at digging out trucks, and we had a hotdog roast after the hard work was done).  

We took more photos at Nanie's house (I just can't seem to resist) and made several batches of lemonade.  There were pirates in my living room, and a couple of days of sunshine and warm air amidst the ever-present bitterly cold winds of March.  My husband showed us The Big Tree and made chaga tea and high bush cranberry jelly and made the best of a dismal maple syrup season.  

So basically, life went on as usual.  We spent a lot of time hunkered down inside away from the cold wind, but slowly, SLOWLY, the snow began melting and the sun grew stronger.  

A month of celebration and a little bit of hope.