Simplicity and Cute Babies

A lot of the time when I broach the topic of documentary in-home photography (or even in-home portraits), people immediately shrink back and say, "NEVER in my house!  It's too messy/cluttered/boring/whatever!"

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take photos of my great-nieces (and yes, I am super duper young to be a great-aunt, FYI ;)) at my sister-in-law's beautiful house.  Despite all of the lovely scenes I could have come up with, I stuck with simplicity: the bed.

Now, personally, my own bedroom is the most neglected area of my house and it would need some sprucing up before I let just anyone wander in there.  But it's amazing how many lovely, sweet photos you can get just by congregating on a bed.  It's such a simple backdrop, allowing for lines, neutral colours, space, and comfort.  Kids feel at home on a bed.  It's soft and inviting. And it makes for lovely photos.

Next time you decide to get some family photos done, try doing a few of them on your bed, even if it's just before we take off to an outdoor scene.  You won't be disappointed.  

And now, here are my darling nieces on their Mimi's bed.  Comfortable, unfussy, perfectly imperfect.