January Wrap-Up

My goals for January included survival and not freezing to death (can you tell I'm still not acclimated to Canadian winters, despite being BORN here!?).  Photographically speaking, my goals were...nothing.  I don't do a 365 project (though I love that other people do and I enjoy watching their days unfold) or a once-a-week project or anything of the sort because I prefer to approach my work without commitment or expectation as much as I can.  

What I DID do in January: document, document, document.  I dropped my camera in the snow. I fell in love with my grandmother's basement.  We celebrated personal victories and made a "bum slide" on a snow hill.  We survived being powerless for 35 hours (thank you, WOOD STOVE) during an ice storm that is still being managed in the northern part of the province.  We played outside when the sun felt warm enough and I fell in love with late-afternoon light on my couch.

We did alright.